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What is Aluminum Recycling? It can be Quite Lucrative

Aluminum recycling is the process of using scrap aluminum metal to make new aluminum items and products. Recycling scrap aluminum is good for the environment, as it requires only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum metal.

In addition, recycling your household scrap aluminum can be quite lucrative. You can actually earn extra income by taking your recyclables to an aluminum recycling company like Aluminum Recycling, one of the largest companies for aluminum recycling in Brampton.

For aluminum recycling in Brampton, local yards such as Aluminum Recycling will pay the best price for scrap aluminum recylcing brampton scrap yardaluminum that is cleaned and sorted. They buy the scrap aluminum and do all the processing. They also offer some of the most competitive pricing for scrap aluminum recycling in Brampton.

Thought of as only something that an industrial company might take part in. But homeowners are also welcomed to bring in their resident scrap aluminum for cash payments. Yes—you might find it surprising but it is possible to earn decent side money by recycling scrap aluminum metal.

With such metals as copper, steel, brass and aluminum, the hardest part of scrap metal recycling is knowing what kind of metal you have. A good way to determine if you have aluminum is to recognize the silver, white colouring. Then try bending it. If it bends easily, then it’s probably aluminum.

You can then begin to collect and sort aluminum items to the local scrap yard for a cash payment. For aluminum recycling in Brampton, you can collect and bring in pop cans, siding, window frames and aluminum doors. Remember—in order to find aluminum in your home, all you have to do is look.

It’s also good to note that aluminum recycling not only benefits the environment, but submitting your aluminum scrap items can also be very lucrative.

Household and industrial items you can recycle

Forks and spoons, foil paper, pop cans, bicycle parts, mail boxes, staples, nails, computer parts, golf clubs, pots, skillets, doors, sinks, yard furniture, fencing, and auto edges.

What do all these seemingly random things have in common? They’re all made out of aluminum—aluminum foil, being the most obvious item of them all.

There are plenty of everyday household items made out of aluminum. Aluminum metal is also used in an industrial capacity as well. Cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes all include parts made out of aluminum. The construction of buildings and electrical power lines also use aluminum.

Aluminum is lightweight, strong, odourless, durable and it’s also resistant to corrosion. In fact, after steel, aluminum is the most widely used metal in the world. Trust Aluminum Recycling to manage your household and industrial scrap aluminum recycling in Brampton


Process of Metal/ Aluminum Recycling

It’s pretty neat to think about where things go once we’re done with them. Have you ever thought about what happens when you throw an empty pop can into the recycling bin?

When you throw a can into the blue bin, everything goes to the treatment plant. The aluminum is cleaned and sorted. It then goes through a re-melting process and gets turned into molten aluminum.

This process removes all the coatings and ink that are found on such items at pop cans. After that the aluminum is made into large blocks called ingots. Then the ingots are sent to mills. Finally, the blocks are made into cans, foil and other aluminum items.

From end to end every step of the process of recycling aluminum is pretty straightforward.

When it comes to aluminum recycling in Brampton, local residents can deliver their scrap for recycling to Aluminum Recycling.


Environmental Benefits of Recycling

By now, we should all know the environmental benefits of recycling such items as paper goods, plastic bottles, cans and even re-using clothing as much as we can. It’s also important to recognize that scrap aluminum recycling is good for the environment as well.

Scrap aluminum can be easily recycled and re-used. Recycling scrap metal reduces the production of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, which adds to global warming. Having to produce new aluminum metal also creates sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide—two other toxic gases that are linked to acid rain. This is one of the most dangerous and unhealthiest things we are doing to the environment.

scrap aluminum car parts lucrative brampton aluminum recylcing

Recycling scrap aluminum also reduces the amount of energy needed. Recycling a ton of aluminum can conserve up to 14-megawatt hours of electricity. That’s a lot of energy! Recycling metal also conserves our natural resources such as iron, coal, limestone and water.

We all need to do our part when it comes to saving energy and benefiting the environment—especially when it comes to recycling, cutting down on our carbon footprint and conserving our natural resources.

Whether you're recycling aluminum cans, pots, skillets, forks and spoons, or a piece of scrap aluminum from your car engine—it just makes more sense. It’s more energy-efficient to recycle existing scrap aluminum metal than to create new aluminum needed for items such as pop cans, window gutters and foil paper.

Producing high volumes of aluminum and other metals at high amounts is not practical or sustainable. Why produce more and more, when we have so much as it is?

Aluminum is a sustainable metal which means that there is no limit to how many times it can be recycled. In fact, aluminum scrap metal can be recycled again and again without affecting the quality of the metal.

Why to go with Aluminum Recycling in Brampton?

For aluminum recycling in Brampton and the Peel Region, local residential homeowners and industrial companies can deliver their scrap for recycling to Aluminum Recycling.

We buy and process scrap aluminum metal and are one of the largest recycling companies, servicing clients and consumers through our sophisticated online presence.

From timely pickup and transportation, to competitive pricing, Aluminum Recycling is efficient, competent and a leader in scrap aluminum recycling and management. To learn more, get in touch with the team at aluminumrecycling.ca.

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