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Welcome to Aluminum Recycling

At aluminumrecycling.ca, we’re known for our specialization in aluminum recycling.  We buy, process and distribute aluminum for a broad range of industrial clients, including clients in Mississauga and throughout the Region of Peel.  Primarily, we buy and sell across Canada, but we are also engaged on a global scale.  So while we regularly serve clients from coast to coast, we also buy and sell internationally, servicing clients and consumers through our sophisticated online presence.

We offer reliability as a service provider, dependable service, and superior distribution systems.  We are committed to our customers, always trying to maintain the kind of value/benefit relationship that translates into long-term business for everyone.  In business since 1997, aluminumrecycling.ca is forever evolving.  Our advanced processing facility allows for significant reuse of the metal we collect, with a customer service approach that includes buying, collecting, processing, and distribution.

Rates and pricing structure at aluminumrecycling.ca are the most competitive in the industry - we’re able to maintain these rates because of our efficiency and competency.  Being fully computerized, we use current technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to keep us on top of our game.  Efficiency is the key to our success:  we catalogue our inventory for ease of accessibility; we ensure that pickups and deliveries are precise and punctual; and we stockpile our metals in highly secure spaces.  We can accommodate all of your aluminum recycling needs, and regardless of size or volume, we have a solution.

Our operation is designed to satisfy our customer.  We believe in a level of client commitment that is unmatched in the industry, and we continue to maintain a high degree of integrity after 15 long years in the business.  Our staff is skilled and professional - with the experience and expertise to deliver fast and efficient service – and with a genuine dedication to both their company and their clients.

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Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, aluminumrecycling.ca knows what the marketplace needs, and knows where to get it.  Our sophisticated on-line communication network is global in scope, and keeps us up-to-date with the requirements of suppliers and consumers, both local and international.

Over the years, we’ve tailored our service efforts to specific client requirements, and we’re constantly adapting in order to make improvements.  We use the most modern equipment, tooling and machinery to deliver a quality product, promote safety, and ensure an eco-friendly operation.

Industrial customers in Mississauga and throughout Peel Region can rely on us for efficient management of their aluminum recycling.  From timely pickup and transport, to superior service and competitive pricing, it all adds up to business excellence.  We can also address unique aspects of the industry, and bring clarity to issues unique to your business.  We’ve made great gains in terms of efficiency, using computerized systems, high-tech equipment and state-of-the art machinery.  And it’s all designed to provide the marketplace with reliability of service, quality of product, and cost effectiveness.

Clearly, aluminum recycling is a business enterprise, directly related to the supply and demand dynamics of our economy, and driven by the bottom line.  But the benefits to the economy and our way of life are more far reaching: demands on landfill sites are reduced; the need to incinerate waste is avoided; products are using recycled materials in manufacturing; and there are thousands of new jobs created.

At aluminumrecycling.ca we are conscious about workplace safety, providing a safe working environment for employees, customers and suppliers.  We make sure to safeguard the health and safety concerns of everyone who enters our facility.  And we are committed to workplace guidelines outlined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  We take great pride in our accident and injury free history.

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