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Scrap Aluminum Prices

Scrap aluminum prices fluctuate in the marketplace just like any of the other commodities.  This is true around the world, and applies to the major metal markets in the same way that it applies to the smaller, local markets.  Metal markets are more sophisticated than ever, and price fluctuations are closely monitored throughout the day.  Price dynamics are the same for a giant conglomerate and a local scrap dealer, and scrap aluminum prices affect them all - it’s just a matter of scale.

Scrap aluminum prices work much the same way as virgin aluminum ore.  Both are commodities, and like any international business concern, both are ruled by supply and demand.  In addition, whatever market activities are experienced globally, everything eventually trickles down to the local markets.  The thing is, everything today is global - and all commodities are traded internationally, with buying and selling and dealing and trading on a 24-hour clock.

Worldwide, the London Metal Exchange (LME) is the focus for industrial metals trading, and is the recognized authority for pricing and rating.  LME is recognized as conducting more than 80% of non-ferrous metal business internationally, and with their three trading platforms is considered to be the global yardstick for pricing.  LME disseminates data that encompasses all activities on their exchange including current pricing, future trends, and historical reports.

On a local level, scrap aluminum prices keep companies like Tal Metal Inc. totally focused on the marketplace as they buy, process, and distribute recycled aluminum.  They may be purchasing aluminum car or truck rims; they might be buying pure aluminum wire; or they might be doing a deal for aluminum printing plates from a company in the printing industry.  Whatever the source might be, they must put their full attention on the buy and sell dynamics of pricing.

Tal Metal Inc. is known in the industry for offering the most competitive rates - it goes for both buying AND selling.  And with scrap aluminum prices being affected by daily fluctuations, high demand situations translate into better prices for everyone in the chain.  This is a time for the astute scrap collector to provide a high volume of scrap aluminum for a dealer - quality aluminum, very well separated, and with little or no impurities.

Dealer or collector, buyer or seller, the key to success is being connected.  It means being on top of scrap aluminum prices on a 24/7 basis.  And the truth is, everything is on the Internet today - from daily pricing, to current trends, to historical data - its only a matter of delving deep.  There are even smart-phone APPs, which provide immediate pricing information (and other relevant tools) for the industry.  In fact, the London Metal Exchange has its own proprietary APP.

But being connected is also about developing and cultivating ongoing business relationships.  That essentially translates into productive and profitable relations between collector and dealer.  And for almost 20 years, Tal Metal Inc. has established itself as a sound and reputable dealer.

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