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About The Aluminum Recycling Sector

Aluminum recycling is the perfect storm of recycling.  It’s because the processing and refining is substantially less expensive and less energy intensive than the mining, extracting and processing of NEW aluminum.  The recycling and reuse of scrap aluminum makes perfect business sense – and industry statistics (primarily from the USA) indicate that recycling scrap aluminum requires 5% of the total energy required to manufacture new aluminum. So it’s no wonder that more than one-third of the aluminum produced in the USA comes from recycled aluminum.  The same holds true across Canada, and when it comes to metal recycling in Mississauga, aluminumrecycling.ca leads the way.

It’s also no surprise that beverage cans, from soda pop and beer, are the largest category to be associated with aluminum recycling, with most of that scrap metal remanufactured into new aluminum cans.  It’s truly amazing how much energy is saved!  The aluminum industry asserts a 95% energy saving when recycling, compared to processing new aluminum - and the aluminum product is endlessly recyclable, retaining all of its properties, regardless of how many times it’s recycled.






Aluminum recycling produces significantly less emission during processing than other metal recycling.  And through recycling, the natural environment is preserved; massive dumping to landfills is reduced; and multiple use and re-use is maintained (especially when we realize how much pop and beer we consume).

Needless to say, aluminum recycling benefits us all - households, communities, businesses and industry.  Our non-renewable resources are preserved; the environment is undisturbed; and industry enjoys cost effective processing and manufacturing.  And as processing and refining technologies advance, product usage for the recycled aluminum material is also growing exponentially - for aluminum siding, for automobile parts, even for lawn furniture.

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