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Metal Recycling in Mississauga

Here at Aluminum Recycling we are known by our Peel Region customers as the go-to service provider for metal recycling in Mississauga. We take pride in proving time and again that we are committed to continuously providing dependable service, reliable pickup, and first rate distribution systems. We’ve invested in the state-of-the art equipment as part of our strategy to provide the marketplace with top quality service while maintaining cost effectiveness. Aluminum Recycling is a family owned business that began as an aluminum recycling company, but has since expanded to recycling all non-ferrous type metals. For the past 15 years, we have been striving to create a sustainable future for the residents and businesses of Mississauga through our comprehensive recycling metal recycling programs.

Recycling our way to a greener future

At Aluminum Recycling the environment is on our list of top priorities, and we make great effort to be conscious about how we manage our business.  The recycling industry in itself is an indispensable part of the movement to use less of our planet’s resources in favour of reusing materials that are readily available to us, and very often in an abundant quantity. It’s simply a matter of figuring out the logistics of how to get the recyclable materials from point A to B, and that is our specialty. Our business is inspired by the goal to reduce pollution and waste, and motivate people to reuse instead of disposing materials into landfills that can otherwise be melted down and made into new products. We are here to facilitate the process of metal recycling in Mississauga through our professional and seamless channels of collection, processing, and distribution for a wide range of metals. In addition to offering metal recycling services to a variety of clients in Mississauga and throughout the Peel Region, we also extend our business to clients from coast to coast and internationally. We are not limited by geography and will do our part to recycle our way to a greener future by contributing to metal recycling programs across the globe.

The benefits of recycling metal

It is widely known that metal recycling brings great benefits to the economy and the environment. Recycling metal requires a fraction of the energy and resources as compared to manufacturing from scratch, thereby reducing the depletion of the planet’s precious raw materials. As a result of promoting metal recycling in Mississauga, we are making a contribution to the overall big picture of global responsibility by adhering to the time-tested adage of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”! Rather than having landfills overloaded with unnecessary waste, a great amount of useful metal materials can be recycled and transformed into new products.

An innovative process for metal recycling in Mississauga: Collection to production

The metal recycling process involves many stages from collection to the production of new metal-based products point where new products. The bulk of metal can come from old machinery equipment, automobiles, home appliances and metal gathered from the demolition of large buildings. Then the scrap is shredded, crushed and cut into smaller pieces to facilitate the ease of flow through the remaining process. The high tech, advanced equipment used in metal recycling in Mississauga process can impressively shred auto bodies, home appliances and other metal into hand size pieces in seconds. Magnetic equipment is used in the sorting process to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The ferrous metals are then used in steel mills to create new steel products, and the different types of non-ferrous metals are separated and melted down in foundries for use in other metal products. Because metal recycling in Mississauga ensures that no parts are left to waste, any remaining pieces are heated, softened and reused. The recycling process allows old metals to be reused, leaving us to be less dependent on new metals; thus, creating less waste over time and less stress on the environment.

The benefits of scrap metal recycling in Mississauga 

Mississauga is a major Canadian city whose residents produce ample amounts of household waste. Furthermore, Mississauga is home to various businesses that range from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies and these in turn also produce their fair share of waste. Both businesses and households are subject to city-arranged garbage and recycling pick up. Although it may seem convenient to place your trash and recycling bin on the curb to have it collected, all that waste ends up in a landfill that will overflow sooner rather than later. As citizens, we recycle glass, paper and organic waste regularly. Why not do the same for metal? The more the average consumer recycles their scrap metal, the better our environment will be in the long-run. The same goes for businesses which is why partnering with a metal recycling company like ours can help alleviate the burden on our planet.  As a business owner, creating an environmentally sound enterprise makes sense because it shows your clientele that you care about the planet’s well-being and you’re committed to keeping Mississauga green. Metal recycling in Mississauga may start with you or your company but it ends with us.

What are the different metals you can recycle?

Metal recycling in Mississauga provides you with the opportunity to get rid of different household and business objects once you are done with them. The different metals you can recycle are:

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass/Bronze
  • Iron
  • Tin

What to look for around the house

In our homes we have many metal items that we no longer use. Many household items such as old appliances like washers, dryers and air conditioners are comprised of iron, steel and aluminum. In the same vein, lawn mowers that don’t work anymore, power tools that are no longer in use, rusty bicycles, car parts – these can all be recycled. Furthermore, nails, screws, pots and pans, old electronics, door hinges and handles, and pipes and plumbing parts are sources of scrap metal.

At aluminum recycling we are primed to make an environmental difference. We will partner with your business and remove your household metal waste to ensure that all metal is recycled and reused. For more information or to schedule a pick up, contact us today. Metal recycling in Mississauga is important and we’re here to make sure it’s done right.

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